MCNBUSA, a global leader in the rapidly expanding health and wellness industry, focuses on the personal well-being of humans and pets through distribution of quality healthcare products. By placing our customer’s health at the center of our values, we ensure constant development and expansion of our diversified brand portfolio and product lines. We are seeking health-conscious wholesalers and distributors to represent our high-quality products in markets around the United States, Canada, and other select international locales. We’re committed to placing our products with professionals in the health and wellness industry.

MCNBUSA has recently acquired Petit Jardin Milano (PJ Milano), an Italian company that prides itself in manufacturing beauty and skin care products. PJ Milano products are made only from the highest-quality organic ingredients that are harvested from the Tuscany region of Italy. The acquisiton of PJ Milano has added to our diverse prodcut line and has furthered our opportunity to bring the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.



As of September 10, 2015 MCNBUSA is a duly formed corporation in the State of Delaware. 

The company plans to expand its operations to Europe and has formed MCNBUSA, LTD in the United Kingdom, as well as MCNBUSA UG in Germany with offices in Frankfurt, with plans to manufacture the European and Asian Products under contract with a reputable company in one of the countries in the European Union.